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Would you like to return your order? First, contact us!

Today we are not going to talk about screen printing in the strict sense, but on an issue that affects the business of many of us. The problem of returns has become unsustainable.

Not just because of an economic problem, but more importantly an environmental one: returns are wasteful, in every sense of the word.

Since the beginning of the year, every package that leaves CPL Fabbrika has contained a small flyer-which we hope many of you read-in which we explain that an email is often all it takes to avoid a return.

Returning an order is quite common and it’s your right, of course.

However, returning goods isn’t particularly sustainable, from both an environmental and financial perspective, here are some reasons why:

POLLUTION: couriers need to travel and transport the products great distances, on what is effectively an unnecessary journey

WASTE: returned products are often thrown away rather than reused. For a number of reasons, for example, if the package has been opened or the product has been partially used, it’s often not possible to resell the product.

IT WASTES YOUR TIME: the product needs to be repackaged, you need to make an appointment with the courier, wait for the pick-up, etc.

These days, we all know it’s best to avoid these issues.

In the majority of cases there’s a very simple reason for the return: often it’s because we don’t know how to use the product, so we send it back.

If this is the case, from today, before returning your products we’d like to hear from you, feel free to write to us and ask us anything you’d like about the product: its features, how to use it correctly, or anything else, we’d be very happy to help.

This will make us all – both you and us at CPL Fabbrika – just that little bit happier if, rather than spending time handling a return, we’ve spent that time constructively in making sure you get the most from your purchase.

Many products, even ready-to-use products, often need a few tweaks to make sure they work perfectly.

Would you like to return your order?
Feel free to write to us at and ask for our advice on how best to use your new products.

Thanks for working with us!
The CPL Fabbrika team

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