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How to screen print opaque white without a screen printing oven or heat press

How to screen print opaque white without a screen printing oven or heat press.

I’d like to make a batch of black T-shirts with white printing on them, my problem is that I don’t have a special oven for drying them once printed.
Is there an opaque white ink that doesn’t need to be dried in an oven and is also wash-resistant?

If you don’t have an oven or heat press and you’re using 55T frames, you can print using white Texprint Mono water-based ink

To get a good white print, it is necessary to print in two stages:

– make 2 or 3 quick, light passes with the squeegee
– lift the frame
– dry it using a hair-dryer
– lower the frame
– make another 2 passes with the squeegee, as described above

The result will be a good white, because the first print will be quite solid and will serve as a good base for the second print.

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