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When the ink expands beyond the design

I’m printing on both paper and fabric.
The design is square. I’ve noticed that on the corners, when I pass the squeegee, the ink sometimes expands beyond the area of the design.

I’m using a wooden frame that’s slightly bowed (it doesn’t sit evenly on the material).
I wanted to know if the problem is:

-the way in which I’m passing the squeegee: too fast or too slow, with too much or not enough pressure.
-the fact that the frame is uneven: would an iron frame be better?
-the ink: is it too thick or too liquid?

When the ink leaks under the frame, the cause is often excessive pressure from the squeegee with respect to the viscosity of the ink.

In other words, if the ink is quite liquid, very little pressure should be applied to the squeegee;
if the ink is thicker, more pressure is required;

what matters is striking the right balance between the pressure applied and the ink’s thickness.

Furthermore, having a bowed frame certainly doesn’t help either, because the correct level of pressure on the frame becomes either too much or too little in the areas where there’s a different distance to the print surface.

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