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How to start a small operation producing customised stickers

I’d like to print on adhesive vinyl and adhesive film (not paper) with a good image resolution.
My intention is to set up a small operation producing customised stickers.

I already own an A3 plotter.

I have got absolutely no idea what kind of printer I should use or which features or technical specifications it should have.

There are a number of options and the choice depends on the technique you’re looking to use:

– a screen printing technique, using inks dedicated for use on vinyl.

– a printer which can use solvent-based inks.

Afterwards, having used one of these two techniques, it will be necessary to do the cutting separately with the plotter.

Alternatively, there’s an all-in-one option:

– using a print-and-cut plotter, the simplest and most widely used option. Still using solvent-based inks.

It’s essential to always print using solvent-based inks because it’s not possible to use water-based inks on PVC, vinyl and the like.

If you want to use a dedicated printer, you can go for an inkjet printer such as the Epson Eco-tank and put the solvent-based inks into the tanks.

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