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Transfer printing: how to customise sports T-shirts

We’re thinking about buying the minimum equipment necessary for printing on T-shirts, jumpers, etc.

Could you please give me some advice on which is the best technique and what the minimum necessary equipment would be, considering that it would be a small, occasional production operation.

If you’re not printing for third parties, but just for internal purposes, the number of prints will be quite low.

In this case I wouldn’t advise screen printing since it’s more appropriate for larger production runs, instead transfer printing might be a better option.

This is what you’d need:

– a good colour laser printer, with or without white

– a heatpress, even an inexpensive one

– an inexpensive cutting plotter

– materials, such as laser transfer paper for light and dark fabrics and possibly heat-sealed vinyl, in the colours you need, to be cut with the plotter.

If you need to transfer the writings onto fabric only, just the heat-sealed vinyl, plotter and heatpress may be sufficient. 

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