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Four things you need for pad printing

Pad Printing CPL Fabbrika

I have an electric pad printing machine. What do I need to create my prints? Pad printing plates (clichés), inks, sheets for printing on clichés. 

To print with your machine, first of all you need a pad printing cliché plate (red photopolymer) exposed with the writing/design you want to print.

You can buy a cliché already exposed and ready for printing (CPL Fabbrika offers this service) or you can buy packs of blank clichés and prepare it yourself.

To expose a cliché you need:

– an inkjet printer and suitable transparent film: with these you’ll produce the template that you’ll use to expose the cliché; 

– a small UV exposure unit for exposing the cliché.

For the printing, you can choose a pad printing ink that’s suitable for the material you’re printing on, as well as the appropriate thinner.

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